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The world of cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly diversified on a global scale. Various virtual currencies that follow the example of the founder of Bitcoin, called altcoins, every day strive to position themselves in the market with great demand and great supply, so the work of all altcoins is to try to reach a consolidation in the field of digital finance. Thus, the Airdrop movement (meaning a parachute) was born. This is a kind of marketing, the purpose of which is to popularize cryptocurrencies among people.

What is Airdrop

Airdrop is more than a digital project, it is a kind of marketing that has penetrated the world of cryptocurrencies. The Airdrop program allows you to present a specific cryptocurrency through free token delivery to new users or users within a specific community.
Airdrop is an action that performs blockchain. Just as stores or brands distribute small samples of goods, making discounts in the first days of their opening on their products and services, Airdrop in each blockchain distributes its own “calls” (tokens) to encourage participation, that is, registration of new users and consolidation a comprehensive community that sets them apart in the competitive world of crypto.

Airdrops Types
In the world of cryptocurrencies, Airdrops are divided into two types: the so-called “surprises” and “announced”. Airdrops surprises are used by already established blockchains and accelerate the growth of a particular cryptocurrency through its popularization. Despite the fact that the action of Airdrop is associated with the launch of cryptocurrency, they began to use it to updаte (replenish) existing coins.

The announced Airdrop is one that supports the organizational structure and determines its steps for the time being to inform the crypto communities about the new altcoin. Although it can also be used as a tool for creating cryptocurrencies.

How to participate in Airdrop
The first step is to know the world of Airdrops first. There are many virtual communities that specialize in this. They can follow forums on major social networks such as: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and Pinterest. There are several platforms, such as Airdropaddict and Icodrops, which work to publish various Airdrops around the world.

The second step is to keep the virtual wallet active to collect tokens that can be provided. Many Airdrop operations are performed directly with the virtual wallets of each of the blockchains. However, in recent months, the use of open wallets of consolidated blockchains or exchange projects that work with ERC20 technology has increased to avoid any type of digital fraud or to circumvent any internal problems that arise on new platforms. This technology is easy to participate in, it only requires a direct download of the most used blockchain software. Currently the most prominent are: Euthereum (MyEtherWallet), MetaMask, Coinomi and Trust.

How much can you earn with Airdrop

Amounts vary depending on each altcoin or project that uses this virtual platform. In general, when converting tokens in foreign currency, for example, in dollars, the most common is to make a profit in the range from 10 to 50 dollars. Airdrops effective payments appear after the completion of several stages:

  • user registration;
  • checking them for specific virtual wallets of each Airdrop;
  • determining the time of collection and distribution to complete the payment, which can be made within 60 days.