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Even if you are familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies only superficially, you probably heard the name of the Binance exchange at least once. This trading platform often becomes an occasion for news, as it constantly introduces new trading solutions. organizes the listing (placement on the exchange) of new projects and is at the “peak” of all significant events in the crypto world.
The first persons of this company conduct very active public activities, and the individual divisions responsible for the development of new solutions achieve success in solving very ambitious tasks for cryptocurrency exchange services that are beyond the power of their competitors. Today’s global goal of Binance is the first fully decentralized exchange of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, and the only decentralized platform that has a chance of success. This material is fully devoted to the possibilities of the Binanace exchange for an ordinary trader.

The most understandable interface for trading will not cause difficulties even for beginners. The central part of the screen is reserved for the cryptocurrency exchange rate chart and the trading control unit. The left half shows a glass of applications from other participants (prices for which orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies are placed), on the right is an expandable list of digital coins available for trading.
To get started, you need to go through a simple registration, and you can replenish your account on the exchange using the services of an online cryptocurrency exchanger with the lowest Money Office commission. To transfer the purchased cryptocurrency to the exchange, simply copy your wallet address in the “Funds” – “Deposits” section and paste it into the form when ordering an exchange operation.


After the funds have been credited to the account, you can proceed directly to transactions and choose one of the hundreds of available instruments.For example, you can buy Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency on the exchange or any other one represented on Binance, simply by choosing the appropriate currency pair. If you have already mastered cryptocurrency trading, you can switch to the expanded version of the trading platform with wider functionality and the ability to set stop and limit orders.

Important Exchange Features

The internal Binance token – BNB can act as an independent investment tool: there is always a demand for it, since it is more profitable to pay Binance commissions in this cryptocurrency. Also, all users of the exchange can take part in financing various projects promoted using the Binance Launchpad platform. Investments, it is not difficult to guess, are accepted in BNB and other cryptocurrencies which you can buy at a favorable rate directly on the exchange itself.

Buying and selling cryptocurrency


For any crypto investor, exchanges are a great way to earn more, since they are the ones that provide access to real volatility. At the same time, the role of cryptocurrency exchange points is no less significant: with their help, the process of converting fiat currencies becomes convenient and reliable. You can buy digital coins for trading on the exchange or sell your own cryptocurrency through the service