Из-за повышенного спроса на криптовалюту – время зачисления может быть увеличено.

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The electronic exchange OKEx combines cryptocurrency exchange services, allowing users to perform exchange, buying and selling operations. This electronic resource is not only an online cryptocurrency exchanger. Additional operations are offered to exchange tokens and fiat currency, as well as futures.

Features of working with OKEx exchange
Registration of the exchange took place in 2015 in Hong Kong. To date, the resource attracts the attention of many who are looking for a cryptocurrency exchanger with the lowest commission online, because it sells more than five hundred currency pairs on attractive terms.This exchange is also suitable for those who prefer to use foreign currency cryptocurrency exchanger online in Russian for foreign language counterparts. Although initially the site interface is presented only in English and Chinese, there is a built-in text translation system.
It should be noted that the cryptocurrency exchange services on the site are very functional, but the interface is not distinguished by increased complexity, as on many sites. So, both pros and beginners will be able to use OKEx.
Online cryptocurrency exchanger offers many currency pairs. The most popular at the end of the 2010s are such cryptocurrencies as:
– Bitcoin,
– Ethereum,
– Tether.
The OKEx exchange’s own token called OKB is also used in the auction.

Options, interface, reasons for popularity
To buy-sell real-time cryptocurrency, you can use any of a variety of sites. Specifically, this exchange has gained popularity due to the following features:
An online version is available, an installer for Windows is also offered.
There are mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Various tools are available to users, including an online cryptocurrency exchange calculator, indicators, color gamut settings and many other parameters.
Trading in the C2C format is also available — the platform is ideal for anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrency now, without postponing for a long time. Trading tokens and futures, the possibility of overdraft — all this expands the horizons of user activity.
In addition to leverage and high trading turnover, currency exchange, cryptocurrency through the OMX exchange gained popularity due to the security of the web resource. Registration involves a verification procedure — the risk of fraud or other violations is zero.
Exchange users note that there are various options for confirming transactions. In particular, those who are interested in the exchange of bitcoins for rubles online, can come as SMS or voice messages, and the use of Google account. There is a system of technical support, ready to solve the issues.