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The cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict it. Many projects are not implemented due to the inexperience of the team, while others are created with fraudulent purposes. But there are ICOs that have proven their worth and have serious prospects. One such project is Tkeycoin DAO.

Why Tkeycoin ICOs can be trusted
This project is widely covered by the press, the people behind its creation and development are open to public relations. Developers actively communicate with the audience, answer directly and in detail to questions about the future of their product, as well as guarantees and security of investment in their project. This gives potential investors the confidence that this product will live and develop. On the official website, you can track all changes that occur with the product, and based on the data make forecasts regarding its future. In addition, the opinion of independent experts in the media, who highly value the prospects of this project, should be taken into account.

What is unique about TCD
The project team consists of specialists from different fields – programmers, engineers, mathematicians, cryptographers. They were able to create a blockchain, which, by its uniqueness, degree of protection and functionality, has no analogues. It is possible to convert Tkeycoin cryptocurrency into fiat money and even create a business on its basis. The project is absolutely legal, it cooperates with banks, therefore, contracts concluded with investors have state protection.

The future of Tkeycoin ICO
The cost of any token in the future can be calculated using technical, mathematical and economic analysis, as well as based on the experience of other projects. Analysts make a forecast for a gradual long-term increase in the value of Tkeycoin cryptocurrency in the next 2 years. By the end of 2020, the currency price is expected to reach $ 450.
The network plans to launch a marketplace in which participants will purchase goods for real money and cryptocurrency. The goal of the developers of the Tkeycoin project is to introduce blockchain technologies into real life and use cryptocurrency as a means of payment in any operations. At the same time, tasks will be solved faster and more efficiently and not only domestically, but also abroad. In a word, the creation of the first economic system based on artificial intelligence is not beyond the horizon.