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A number of investors preparing to launch the Telegram blockchain platform company require not to disclose their identities during the trial. At least six representatives of organizations and individuals have filed a lawsuit with a court in New York. The personal data of participants in the process may be disclosed as part of the proceedings between the company and the SEC.

Investor attorneys are asked not to publish the names and other personal data of their clients; pseudonyms of project participants should be used in the process, lawyers insist. This will comply with the principles of judicial protection, according to a document published by representatives of investors.
In fact, the documents for the proceedings should be public, but the court can meet the requirements of investors, since in this particular case the identity of the participants in the process is not important.
Earlier, investment adviser John Hinman, whose correspondence became available to the SEC, revealed some details of the scandalous token sale, during which the messenger was able to raise $ 1.7 billion.
The Securities Commission now has data on some of the project investors, as well as the amounts invested in the TON project. It is reported that a special fund Elysium Ventures was created, which included representatives of various businesses; the organization invested $ 12 million in the project.
Hinman told where the investments come from. Most of the funds come from Russia, there were also applications from the CIS countries, a lot of investments from Israel. The specialist noted that fans of Pavel Durov also invested in the entrepreneur’s project. It is known that the US regulator asks to attract a former investment adviser of the company as a witness in the proceedings with Telegram.
According to CoinDesk, Telegram used the resources of banking institutions BNY Mellon and Credit Suisse to store and move the money collected during the ICO.