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Huobi Exchange

One of the leaders in daily trading volume is the Huobi crypto exchange. Initially, it was focused exclusively on the Chinese cryptocurrency trading market, but over time it turned into the largest international platform. This exchange of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is interesting for users due to the impressive liquidity for most of the available trading instruments, as well as the internal HB token. It may interest not only active traders, but also long-term investors, as an asset of one of the largest trading platforms with billions of daily turnover, for which demand from active traders is practically ensured.

Advanced trading platform

Huobi holds the first lines of the rating of the most popular platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, largely due to the convenient and intuitive interface of the trading platform. Standard (market and limit) orders are available here, which allow you to buy cryptocurrency at a favorable rate by simply placing an application at the current or defined by the trader price, but you can also work with futures based on cryptocurrency. In the second case, you can use leverage, which greatly expands the possibilities of trading strategies.
A nice feature of Huobi is the use of cryptocurrency exchange rate charts in TradingView. In addition to displaying quotes in various views (candles, bars and others), the platform gives access to thousands of technical analysis tools. On many other exchanges, the available tools are limited to standard trend indicators and oscillators, but on Huobi traders can combine various indicators as they wish and thereby achieve better results.

Participation in voting through the “Project Center” allows you to make a collective decision on listing on the exchange of new interesting projects, as well as invest in their development. This is a great way for an investor to capitalize on the growth of new cryptocurrencies and take part in the crypto community.

To get started, you need to go through a simple registration process, which includes standard steps – specifying an email address and password, as well as verifying your identity. In order to be able to complete transactions and deposit / withdrawal operations in accordance with the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Until the verification process is completed (you need a scan of your passport), you cannot start trading.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds to the exchange

The exchange supports the deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds through Money Polo, but for this you will need to pass verification again, this time in the payment systеm.

It is much easier to use the services of an online cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest Money-Office commission and top up your account directly. Withdrawing the earned funds is also more convenient using the cryptocurrency exchange service: transferring coins directly to the account of the exchange office allows you to receive fiat funds directly in a convenient payment systеm, for example, to a bank plastic card, and thus avoid losses on commissions for additional conversion.