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The Dragonchain commercial platform (DRGN) uses a serverless architecture (the servers no longer exist for the developer, and the code is executed in “runtimes”, whether it be redundancy managed by providers such as Amazon or IBM).

Unlike, for example, bitcoins, DRGN cannot be mined and new tokens will not be created in the future.

How does the Dragonchain network work?
Dragonchain provides a commercial platform for application developers to quickly deploy them to the blockchain network, mainly through the use of programming languages ​​(e.g. Python, Java or Go).

The Dragonchain Ecosystem Architecture (DRGN) is based on the main components:
1. Dragonchain Platform: This is a network where programmers can create and store smart contracts. This is a “developer-friendly” environment, because the system is built on a scalable base, ready to use and free from the server, which especially protects the business data of companies. On the other hand, all smart contracts created o the Dragonchain network have full access to Amazon AWS services.
2. Incubator: this is basically the place where companies are going to create and launch their Blockchain projects. After creating a project, you can provide access to it for experienced users, investors and enthusiasts who are responsible for monitoring, consulting and project formation.
3. Dragonchain Marketplace: The incubator also provides access to business advisory services. This is an environment created by all kinds of experts in the field of law, technology, marketing, finance, cryptocurrency, etc. They help clients with their projects.
Dragon Tokens: in fact, the Dragonchain platform is able to work without the use of any cryptocurrency (the so-called “currency independence”). However, you can also create not one, but several tokens to work with your internal Dragon token.

Tokens basically function as a traditional token on the blockchain, as they are used to pay Smart Contract fees, as a reward and incentive for nodes to work for developers who contribute to the system code, etc.
The security measures that Dragonchain adds to its network are needed to protect commercial data. And unlike Bitcoin, the Dragonchain blockchain (DRGN) operates at five levels of verification by consensus, which undoubtedly gives consumers tremendous confidence in network security.

It is currently not possible to procure dragons, but the Dragonchain team is considering creating some side chains for mining, as well as other security protocols, etc. However, Dragons will no longer be created in the future.

Where to store dragons?
Before buying dragons, you need a place to store them. Since this is the standard Ethereum ERC-20 token, you can store your DRGNs in any wallet that supports Ethers.

How to buy or receive Dragonchain cryptocurrency?
You can buy DRGN on very few exchanges such as Kucoin, Tidex or Remember that the token is part of the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, so the most common currency for buying dragons is obviously ethers.

Dragonchain in the future
According to some experts, Disney intended to completely dominate the digital world, this time using blockchain technology. Aside from the jokes, the reality is that Disney and Dragonchain’s goal is to pave the way for blockchain technology so that companies and blockchain technology can easily work together. Creating side chains that are powerful and simple enough for any company to use, they have a bright future without limits (infinitely scalable).

Disney seeks to reach the consciousness of anyone who is not an expert in Blockchains, not only through its technical services, but also with the support of a community of experts in all sectors. It should not be forgotten that Disney has established itself all over the world.