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Cryptocurrency exchange services traditionally offer many directions for buying or selling digital coins. The bulk of operations are carried out using cash, bank plastic cards and Russian payment systems, but also a large share of the conversion goes through payment systems such as Perfect Money and Advanced Cash. We talk about how to buy cryptocurrency for rubles and dollars online through the Money Office exchange service.

Buying cryptocurrency through Perfect Money and Advanced Cash

The process of buying cryptocurrency through an online exchanger using the Advanced Cash and Perfect Money payment systems is carried out in a semi-automatic mode. All that is required of the user is to choose the direction of the exchange, enter the details and make a payment to the account specified by the service. Although the operation requires attention when filling out the form fields, it only takes a few minutes.

For example, consider the purchase of Bitcoin for Advanced Cash. Exchange from an account in USD Perfect Money and Advanced Cash is carried out in a similar way. The first step is to choose the direction of the exchange.

1. In the “You Give” column, sеlect Advanced Cash or Perfect Money.


2. In the “You Get” column, click on the name of the cryptocurrency, in this example – Bitcoin.
At the next step, you need to specify the amount for the exchange and carefully fill out the required form fields. Be sure to indicate the working email address to which you have access: the exchange is carried out in a semi-automatic mode, and it is on this e-mail you will receive notifications about the status of the operation. In addition, any changes to the accepted but not yet completed application can be made by sending a letter only from the address indicated on this form.


1. Enter the amount to be exchanged (in this case, in dollars).

2. The built-in calculator calculates the number of coins, taking into account the current exchange rate of Bitcoin.

3. Copy the address to which the purchased cryptocurrency will be transferred from the wallet application.

4. Enter a valid email address.

5. Solve the captcha.

6. Click the “Exchange” button to create a request.


It remains only to confirm the correctness of the fields and make a transfer from your account on the Advanced Cash or Perfect Money website. After receiving your payment online, the exchanger will transfer coins to your wallet address.

The reverse exchange, for example, Bitcoin to Perfect Money or Bitcoin to Advanced Cash is carried out in a similar way:

As in the first case, you will need to enter the necessary details and fill out an application. Online Bitcoin exchange with confirmation of sending a payment through the payment systеm allows you to conduct transactions safely and avoid many errors associated with incorrect filling in details. Money will be sent to your account in the payment systеm after there are enough confirmations of your transaction on the Bitcoin network.


If you need to sell or buy cryptocurrency right now – contact Money Office. The most profitable courses and high reliability of conversion are exactly what you need for a successful investment.