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Banks are gradually tightening control over cashless transactions, and the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency at the legislative level has not yet received an official status. Often this leads to conflicts with a financial institution, when the cryptocurrency seller must explain to the bank security service the origin of the funds received as a result of the transaction. Claims rarely affect small amounts of exchange transactions, but certain problems may arise even with a transfer amount of more than 100,000 rubles. For the financial security of their customers, cryptocurrency exchange services offer alternative ways of buying and selling digital coins – for cash.


We talk about how the process is organized and what it takes to buy or sell cryptocurrency in real time for cash in this material.


How to safely buy cryptocurrency for Rubles, Euros or Dollars

The online cryptocurrency exchanger Money Office offers not only traditional operations for converting cryptocurrencies through popular payment systems, cards and bank accounts, but also the purchase and sale of digital coins for cash throughout Russia. The only condition for such an exchange is the presence of an airport in your city (you must agree that traveling by train from Moscow to Vladivostok for a week is not a good idea, especially when it comes to delivering a large amount of money).

Otherwise, the online exchange of cryptocurrency for rubles, dollars or euros takes place in several simple steps, the first of which is the submission of an application.

Cryptocurrency purchase


To buy cryptocurrency for rubles online you only need to indicate the type of coins you want to purchase and the method of payment for the purchase. In the Money Office exchanger, you only need a few clicks of the mouse.

The exchanger uses the most profitable Bitcoin conversion rate for rubles. You can find out the exact number of purchased BTC by filling in the “Amount” field. The calculator will automatically calculate the cost of the exchange.


To generate an application, you also need to fill out the wallet address to which cryptocurrency should be received and indicate the recipient’s personal data so that the exchange office staff can agree on the time and place of the exchange operation.


Cryptocurrency Sale
Selling your own cryptocurrency for cash is just as easy. The essence of the application does not change, you just need to indicate the opposite direction of the exchange.


As in the first case, the online cryptocurrency exchange calculator will calculate the exact amount to be received. You will also need to specify the contact details of the recipient.



The further process of exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for rubles has been worked out to the smallest detail: Money Office employees will contact you and clarify all the necessary details (meeting place, order of transfer of cryptocurrency and cash). Please note that contacts are possible from 11-00 to 19-00 Moscow time. All questions related to the exchange of fiat currency for cryptocurrencies can be asked in the support chat and there you can get detailed advice on the procedure for conducting operations.