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QIWI payment system remains one of the most popular areas of cryptocurrency conversion operations. Exchanging Bitcoin for Qiwi and vice versa is a good way to capitalize on exchange rate changes. Those who plan for the first time to buy a crypt using this payment system need to know about some of the intricacies of such a payment operation. We talk about the features of instant exchange of QIWI to Bitcoin using the Money Office service here.

Currency exchange QIWI to Bitcoin.

The process of exchanging currencies through the Qiwi wallet begins with the choice of the direction of the operation:

In this example, buy Bitcoin for qiwi. The choice is made literally in a couple of mouse clicks: in the column “You give” you need to click on QIWI RUB, in the column “You receive” – ​​Bitcoin (BTC).

In the next step, you need to fill in the details for the transfer:

1. Fill in the “Amount” field, while noting that the minimum amount of exchange for kiwi to Bitcoin is 20,000 rubles.

2. Given the most favorable exchange rate of qiwi, the application form will automatically calculate the number of coins that will be transferred to the wallet.

3. Enter the wallet address where you want to transfer the cryptocurrency. In most cases, just copy its number to the clipboard and paste it into this field.

4. Enter your email address. Information on the status of the execution of the application for exchanging kiwi to Bitcoin will be sent only to this address. The support service accepts requests for adjustment of applications only from the originally specified e-mail.
5. Solve a simple captcha and click the “Exchange” button. An application will be created, but not yet sent to specialists: it is necessary to once again confirm the entered data in order to avoid errors.


The next step is data validation.

If all the information is entered correctly, confirm your agreement with the rules of the service and click the “Create Request” button.

You will see instructions for translating. To get an account number, you need to contact support chat. Conversion operations in this direction: exchange from Qiwi to Bitcoin have a number of features that must be taken into account when making a payment.

Follow the recommendations of the cryptocurrency exchange operator so that the operation goes smoothly:
1. Money Office uses QIWI RF cards as payment details. In this case, the exchange of Qiwi rubles to Bitcoin occurs without additional fees. For everything to succeed, you need to make a translation without specifying any comments on it.

2. Please note that the daily limit on transfers to QIWI is 100,000 rubles. If the total amount of the transfer of rubles per day exceeds the specified amount, the payment system will take a commission. There will be additional costs if several payments from the wallet exceed the established limit, as well as when transferring from QIWI from other countries (be sure to inform the operator in the chat about this).
3. You have 30 minutes to complete the transfer. If during this time the QIWI to Bitcoin exchange rate changes by 1% or more, the application will be recalculated. If you do not have time to make a payment, the application is deleted automatically.

4. We cannot compensate if you have entered the wrong details or payment for the online exchange of Bitcoin has been blocked by QIWI security service. The cryptocurrency exchanger does not have access to your account in this payment system, and is not responsible for the security of transactions. To prevent money from your kiwi account, carefully monitor the security of passwords.

Exchange Bitcoin to QIWI rubles

The reverse operation is also performed in several stages. Exchange BTS on Qiwi begins with a choice of direction:

To exchange BTS for Qiwi, you need to go through the same steps: specify the details and fill in the personal data in the application, and then contact the operator to get the address to which you need to transfer coins.

Applications are executed in semi-automatic mode, which allows you to further control the correctness of filling in all fields of the form and reduce the risk of sending payments to non-existent addresses with loss of coins.

In the Money Office service you can buy BTC coins and other cryptocurrencies with a minimum commission. The correctness of filling in the details and following the recommendations on working with the QIWI payment system will reduce the risk of not receiving a payment and start earning money on investments in cryptocurrency without losses at the stage of transfers.