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Several investors Bitfinex (the exchange provides an opportunity to buy and sell real-time cryptocurrency) told that they are not worried about the fate of the trading platform due to recent events. Recall, recently, the Prosecutor General’s Office in New York made serious accusations, accusing Bitfinex of losing more than 850 million customer-owned funds.
The holder of a large share of the platform Zhao Dong said that at the moment his position on Bitfinex has not changed. Previously, the expert said that at the moment he believes in the viability of this exchange, despite any difficulties that it faced.
Dong claims that the company’s acting CFO had a personal conversation with him and convinced that all problems were temporary. In his opinion, it will take no more than a few weeks to defrost money. The money is in different banks belonging not only to America, but also to Poland and Portugal.
Based on the official report of the prosecutor’s office in New York, the missing funds are not only the property of the exchange, but also the money of its clients. Zhao Dong also says that all these funds are exclusively money belonging to users of the platform. The US authorities, who confiscated the money according to the official version, should be aware that there is not a single Bitfinex dollar in total – all this is the money of the platform’s customers.
According to the expert, the platform has repeatedly been excellent in all difficult situations – this gives confidence that Bitfinex will pass the test again.
It is important to take into account the opinion of another shareholder, Tian Jia. He also said that at the moment he maintains loyalty to Bitfinex and sees that management is making a lot of effort to solve all problems as quickly as possible. Like his colleague, Tian Jia claims that the funds belong to the company’s clients and cannot be stolen – only temporarily frozen. In the shortest possible time Bitfinex will solve this problem – and the funds will be returned to those who used Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange applications.