Из-за повышенного спроса на криптовалюту - время зачисления может быть увеличено.
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Today, many use cryptocurrency exchange services to convert and cash anonymously anonymously. The exchange of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for rubles is most popular in Russia, but in other countries people actively exchange the “crypt” for national currencies.
The main plus: the online cryptocurrency exchanger excludes theft, fraud, falsification of transactions and much more, from which conventional bank transfers are not protected. It can be used not only for personal enrichment, but also for other purposes.
Charity without intermediaries
Many who are offered to make a donation for good purposes, fear that their money will not reach the recipient, and “stick” to someone’s hands along the way. If you sell your own cryptocurrency, then it will go to the recipient directly, without any mediation.
Cryptocurrency operations are not controlled by a single center that could abuse its power. Each holder of such a wallet acts as a controller. In addition, the cryptocurrency is cheaper to buy than to exchange national currencies for each other. As a result, this technology is increasingly used to support non-commercial projects.
Examples of anonymous high-tech charity
To avoid corruption in the planning of noble initiatives, some projects are organizing the opportunity to buy and sell real-time cryptocurrency and donate it for good purposes.
So organized, in particular, the platform Alice.si from the UK. With this blockchain project, those who want to help others can:
– organize transfers without corruption;
– help participants maintain anonymity;
– show donors where their money went.
Another example is the international organization Heifer. It has existed since the middle of the last century, however recently it accepts donations in cryptocurrency. For this, philanthropists merged with the BitPay project, which was originally involved in payments using the blockchain technology.
To assess your ability to help someone, just use the online cryptocurrency exchange calculator. This will allow you to understand how much the owner of the wallet owns. Everyone can, on the basis of his preferences, choose whom and what to donate to. You can now not be afraid that the money somewhere “go away” or “dissolve” in someone’s pockets along the way.