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Investing in cryptocurrency is a great way to capitalize on the difference in rates. In order to start earning income, you need to buy coins or tokens, and then sell, and thus make a profit and the opportunity to spend it. Additional financial losses are usually associated with the wrong cryptocurrency exchange algorithm. The rule is one: the fewer intermediate steps – the more profitable it will be to sell or buy cryptocurrency online. We tell you how to do it quickly and at minimal cost.
Exchange through the largest banks (per card)
A plastic card of one of the largest banks is all that is needed to exchange bitcoin for money. The process of selling any of the cryptocurrencies supported by the service consists of just a few simple steps.
First you need to sеlect the type of exchangeable coin. For an example, we will exchange Bitcoin for rubles. The first two steps are choosing the type of currency and the method of receiving money into the account.

In the cryptocurrency exchange service, you can order a payment to an account at one of the largest Russian banks (Tinkoff, Russian Standard), but if your financial institution is not listed, simply sеlect the Visa / MasterCard RUB item and specify the details of your card. There is only one limitation: you can only use plastic produced by a Russian financial institution.

Amounts are calculated automatically, depending on the amount of funds transferred by the user. Cryptocurrency exchange is carried out at the best rate that prevailed on the market at the time of filling out the application.
The second step is to fill in the details. The most important thing here is not to make a mistake and correctly indicate the card number, the account associated with it and the name of the bank. You can make a direct exchange of cryptocurrency to Sberbank rubles (by transferring to a card), even though this financial institution is not in the
“You receive” list.

Remember to enter a valid email address. Information on the status of the operation will be sent to it. In addition, any changes and adjustments to the application received are accepted only from the originally indicated e-mail address.

All that remains to be done is to confirm the application and transfer the BTC to the specified address. As soon as a sufficient number of confirmations of your transaction is collected by the Bitcoin network, the transfer according to the specified details will be performed in manual mode.


In the same way, it is possible to make an exchange of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by replenishing an account with any Russian bank, but instead of the name of the credit institution, you will need its BIC.
The procedure is similar to the above:


To convert Bitcoin, you will also need to fill in all the fields with the transfer details:


Cryptocurrency purchase

Online Bitcoin exchange for rubles also supports reverse operations: Cryptocurrency exchange at the best rate is possible through an ATM network with Alfa Bank Alfa Cash-In cash withdrawal function.



As in the first case, the amount for the exchange will be calculated automatically, after the desired amount of cryptocurrency is indicated. To complete the transfer, you will need to specify the wallet address and e-mail:

sеlect the nearest Alfa Cash-In terminal and replenish your account by entering the PIN received after submitting the application. The number of coins indicated in the application will be sent to your wallet after payment is confirmed.

Buying and selling cryptocurrency is easy!


It’s easy for a beginner to buy cryptocurrency for rubles if you carefully consider filling out the details and follow the instructions on the exchanger website. But if at any stage you have difficulties – contact the support chat to quickly resolve the issues.