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ZCash is one of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies that can be bought for rubles online.

It is distinguished from many others by a special approach to the storage and transfer of data on the number of coins spent and received. In similar projects, you can track sellers and buyers, knowing the approximate time of the transaction and its amount, but not in Zcash. Using evidence with zero disclosure allows you to safely store information about completed transactions, without disclosing the amount of transfers and sender addresses.

The idea turned out to be so popular that immediately after launch in 2016, the cost of ZCASH soared to $ 4,000 (but then fell). This record was not broken even at the peak of market growth. Interestingly, the developers initially planned Zcash as a “add-on” over the Bitcoin network, but after evaluating their own ideas, they decided to make a separate cryptocurrency. Today, ZCASH has a capitalization of over $ 300 million, with a coin value of around $ 50, so if you want to buy the cheapest cryptocurrency, ZCASH is an excellent choice with a good prospect for further growth.