Из-за повышенного спроса на криптовалюту – время зачисления может быть увеличено.

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One of the most popular areas of exchange is the exchange of QIWI for Bitcoin.
The popularity of cryptocurrency is easily explained – you can make payments, make online purchases and even pay in a number of countries on a par with the national currency. You can buy btc on the Internet, but not everyone understands how and where to buy bitcoin for rubles and how it can be done profitably and with a minimum commission.

The exchange service Money-Office has expanded the capabilities of users for profitable purchases of cryptocurrency, and now Bitcoin can be bought cheaply from us. Today it is profitable to buy btc for qiwi – one of the most popular directions. And most importantly, it does not take much time, and the service commission is one of the lowest in the market.
We offer semi automatic exchange – the user can buy btc immediately by paying for the bank details given by our operator in Jivo-chat. This eliminates technical failures when you make an automatic exchange, plus you get quality advice from a specialist of our service.
We also always have a sufficient reserve of cryptocurrencies: you do not need to wait for the replenishment of the bitcoin stock on the exchanger.
This is an opportunity to buy bitcoin for rubles directly: do not need double exchanges, which are accompanied by loss of money!
That is why many seek to buy btc for kiwi.

It is always possible to buy bitcoin through kiwi from us. And if you need an exchange in the opposite direction – the btc rate is constantly changing. Our service will help you not only to preserve your capital, but also to increase it steadily.

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